We are so proud to share that at the end of the performance of the Nutcracker on Saturday, Dec. 15, Legislator Catherine Borgia came onto the stage at the Westchester County Center and proclaimed that

December 20, 2015 to be officially
in Westchester County

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Logrea Dance Academy Chosen for Best of Westchester Award
Beth Fritz-Logrea & Jean Logrea honored with 2009 Cab Calloway Lifetime Achievement Award
Georgia in Stuttgart, Germany
Academy Dancers Chosen for Summer Programs
Academy Dancers Chosen to Perform with ODC

Excerpts from an article by Vincenzo Celli

" In all arts success depends on and demands considerable work. Dancers cannot permit themselves any indolence if they wish to conserve their hard-won accomplishments. They must exercise daily, and [should do so] under the eye of an experienced authority. Just as a great pianist must practice scales in order to execute a concerto, so a dancer must devote himself to the basic technique of ballet in order to continue his mastery of it before the public.

" To compose a poem one needs words. To create a sonata one needs notes. To be a great dancer one must have at his command the language of the dance: technique, ballon, elevation, batterie, pointes, cabrioles, equilibrium, purity of line and so on. All these, learned at an early age in a ballet school, must be developed, conserved, constantly improved, then hidden.

" When seeing Markova suspended in midair and gently alighting on the stage like a heavenly snowflake, or when Dolin apparently defies the law of gravity with plastic harmony and dramatic vigor, one really witnesses the results of a superb technique, a technique that enables an artist to give to dance-expression a living soul. This is no longer a matter of routine; it is a manifestation of pure style. Thus, the curve of an instep, the attitude of the head and the muscles of steel, transplanted from studio to stage, become the necessary material for the construction of a dream.

" As Pavlova was inspired by Taglioni, so, in a measure, Markova relives the genius of Pavlova and inspires the Markovas of the future. Likewise, Dolin restores to our times the noble art of the ballerino assoluto. Both are making a contribution to the future, and to those who are to create new forms in a familiar and fascinating art. And at the same time they remain steadfast in their devotion to the ancient classical school of the dance, and to the traditions which pass from master to pupil. "
– Excerpted from an article by Vincenzo Celli, included in the program for a performance by his students Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin, New York, 1944.

Best of Westchester Winner 2010

Best of Westchester
LDA Chosen for Best of Westchester Award (Again!)

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