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Student of The Month

Sasha Johnsen.JPG

Sasha Johnsen

Student of The Month

Elisa Shatz.JPG

Elisa Schatz

Students of The Month

Congratulations on earning Student of the Month recognition for September.


Logrea Dance Academy team is happy to have these two hard working students as the recipeant of Student of the Month. 

Elisa: In addition to being a spell-binding performer, Elisa is an exemplary assistant for Ballet III. She observes students with an eagle eye, always gives upbeat and encouraging corrections when needed, and demonstrates correct (and exquisite) techniques in ways that clarify and inspire. If I need to leave the classroom Elisa is quick to step in with an appropriate stretch or exercise, and when it’s time to compose and stage our Spring Concert pieces she’s an invaluable collaborator. Elisa’s gracious enthusiasm and dedication brighten every class!  -  Lindbergh

Sasha:  shows great interest and determination in class. Her behavior is exemplary. I feel she will progress quickly in Jazz and look forward to teaching her. - Guggino


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