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Financial Information

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Tuition Fees Below:


Registrations are accepted for most classes through January or February, depending on the dates of the spring performances. We will prorate the tuition for late registrations accepted after the first month of classes. 


New students, and those on payment plans, should especially note the following:

  • Payments are made in the Parent Portal with Credit Card on File at the time of registration. 

  • No refunds and no cash credits will be given for any reason.

  • Trial-month enrollments are non-refundable. 

  • Payment Plans require a credit card on file, which will be automatically charged on the 15th of the month.

  •  Dropping a class incurs a drop fee, requires written notification* to the Academy, and tuition billing will continue until such notification is received.

2024-2025 Rates
FINAL LDA SCH 2024-2025-images-2-3_edited.jpg

Additional Required Fees

$30 non-refundable Registration Fee due at registration.

$40 Payment Plan fee due at registration if you choose this option.

Costume rental fee for the Annual Dance Performance cost varies.

Participation fee for Annual Dance Performance cost varies.

Other Costs

Your child will need a leotard, tights and footwear for their class. To attend the annual performance, each person will need a ticket (Except for the dancers that are performing). 

Online Registration

We offer online registration. Pay for classes and manage your account all online.

Recurring Billing

You may also opt to have your tuition automatically and securely billed to your credit card each month via the Parent Portal. 

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  • Early Registration Discount 

    • for Fall Registration

  • Summer Dance Camp Registration   

    •  for Fall Registration, Summer Intensive Registration or

Early registration applies if completed by the last day of classes in May, offers a 5% discount on the next year’s tuition, the Summer Intensive Registration or the Summer Dance Camp Registration.

  • Payment in Full at Early Registration Promotion

    • for Fall Registration

Note: When a student pays in full at registration before the last day of classes in May, the Fall Registration fee is waived (in addition to the Early Registration Discount).

  • Family/Sibling Discount

    • for Fall Registration, Summer Intensive Registration or Summer Dance Camp Registration

    • For any additional enrollments from a second, third, fourth, etc. member of your household during the same session, there is a 5% family/sibling discount, which will be applied to the member(s) who have the lowest total tuition amount (ie. the fewest number of classes).

Note:  This discount may be combined with early registration discounts. 

  • Promotion for Registering for Summer & the next Fall Season at the same time for Fall plus Summer Intensive or Fall plus Summer Dance Camp

    • When a student registers for BOTH a Summer Program (Intensive or Dance Camp) AND the upcoming Fall Season AT THE SAME TIME, the Summer Registration fee will be waived.

  • Boys Ballet Incentive Program for current students

    • Available to boys currently enrolled at LDA age 7 and up

    • 1 class per week - gets 25% discount (ballet only)

    • 2 + classes per week - gets 50% discount (must include at least one ballet class)

  • Boys Ballet Incentive Program for new students

    • Available to boys age 7 and up

    • First two months of BALLET classes Free of Charge!

    • Then the Incentive Program for current students becomes applicable.

Note:  This discount replaces a sibling discount and cannot be combined with a sibling discount.

Scholarship Studio.jpg


Scholarship auditions are held in September of each year. 

Various scholarships are available based on talent, age, or financial need. These scholarships range from partial to full assistance. 

Students between the ages of 8 and 18, with or without experience, are eligible to audition. 

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