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Dancers show respect for themselves by:

  1. Being prompt for class

  2. Being dressed properly for class, no underwear underneath leotards and neat dance shoes (with names printed on the inside of the shoe)

  3. Having their hair up off their neck in the required hairstyle

Dancers show respect for the studio by:

  1. Keeping all personal items secured in your dance bag in the dressing room, and hanging your dance bag & coats, jackets,etc. on the hooks

  2. Never hanging on the barres

  3. Never running or doing gymnastics in the studio or lobby

  4. Putting trash in the proper places

Dancers show respect for others by:

  1. Keeping their hands to themselves during class

  2. Waiting quietly for others to have a turn

  3. Waiting until the music is finished, then knocking on the door if late for class

  4. Talking only during share time, or when spoken to by the teacher

Parents show respect for the teacher, the studio and the art form by:

  1. Having students ready for class on time

  2. Making sure that your child goes to the bathroom before class starts

  3. Knocking, once there is no music, before allowing your child enter class late

  4. Asking the receptionist to get a child from class if needed

  5. Picking students up promptly after class

Dancers show respect for the teacher and the art form they are learning by:

  1. Being properly dressed and ready for class on time

  2. Going to the bathroom before class starts – not during class

  3. Listening when the teacher speaks

  4. When sitting on the floor, sitting cross-legged with backs up straight

  5. Being prepared for their turn

  6. Always asking before leaving the room for any reason

  7. Clapping for their teacher at the end of class

Parents Help



By having your child understand and learn these rules, you will be assisting us in making your child’s dance education successful, and success aids in children developing a high self- esteem.

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